Friday, July 8, 2011

Quilting frenzy.

I want to sew!!
I hope this is not making me sounds materialistic or like I am boasting which often happens when theses things are shared.....but I've got that jittery excitement in the pit of my stomach....quilting fabric is coming soon!
I have wanted to make new quilts for the girls room for a while now, but every time I sit down my brain is overwhelmed by the beautiful choices, patterns, colour choices, modern, girly, etc.  I kept telling myself, "Don't everthink this..."Which resulted in no decisions being made.
So I had an idea.  While a friend, Em,  is in the States I am took advantage of the free shipping and sweet deals, and an "expert opinion".
I gave up my creative choices up to her, because she has a great eye for these things AND  can always find great deals.  (My "Maven" from Tipping Point.)
My only input in the end was that it has more pink and I outed two "filler" fabrics that were chosen, but really, I knew she would treat each decision as if she were making this herself, which is such an encouragement!

Also found a simple beige rug for 20$ to make the room look a little "cleaner" looking...and eventually will make window valence or wall decos from any leftover fabric.
I also want to find some great verses and quotes for the kids rooms (and myself) to inspire faith and love of Jesus!
All I have to do is wait for the mail....glad Canada post is off strike now!!!

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