Tuesday, July 5, 2011

France, the city of food.

Eating in France is like sitting with Julia Child herself.  I can just hear her voice shouting, 'Bon Appetit!' with every bite.  Since starting up the food blog I have taken up the habit of taking pictures of wonderful things I have eaten, although I felt a little shy at restaurants or often have been so over eager to taste something that it is quickly gone before I can take a shot..still working on my self control.
Andy would often pause before eating something and say, 'Your NOT going to take of picture of this, are you?' Sadly, no, but I wish I did.  
Mont St-Michelle is the capital of 'Caramel Au Beurre Salé' .  Try the ice cream of this flavour...tastes like caramel corn in cold form.
This is one of my favourite restaurants in Paris, Chez Julien.  It was about 3 blocks from our apartment, in a really sketchy area. The decor is all in Art Nouveau.   Here we had a delicious Fig & caramelized onion spread with paté, steamed fish, and of course, Créme Brulée, despite the waiters recommendations for something more original.

Bakeries everywhere, I started every morning with a almond and chocolate croissant. 
 Créperies are also as common as Tim Hortons there.

 We also tried to eat anything that was local or fresh.  I can say I tried oysters and mussels in a white wine & cream sauce.  I think cooked Oysters would suit me better, but I ate every last one, even asking for a briefing on how to eat them from the owner of the restaurant.

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