Monday, October 25, 2010


What a of those weeks where nothing got done as gar as housework, but a lot of running around, errands, busy-ness, and if I may, stress.
The whole week started out with a possibility of my dad coming to fix our radiators, which were moved last spring during a floor renovation. So last spring we had no heat, and with every chilly morning when I saw our breath while sitting in the living room, I would say,
'It WILL get warmer. Summer is almost here.'
Now that a sweltering summer has passed, one that made us forget about those 10 foot snow banks and wet-hair-freezing days are over, it started to get chilly again.
A little panic over came us, we needed our heat back.
I am especially fond of heat. I often say that I am living in the wrong country, as I love the look of snow but hate being cold...I mean REALLY hate it.
So when it started to get cold, I called my dad everyday, hoping he could get on a bus to remedy the situation. This is a big feat since my dad does not answer the phone, and does not drive.
He finally came, with my bro, with all their tools, fixing pipes, me, running around Montreal finding rare pieces to plug and finish the sequences of plumbing...
and finally...HEAT!!!
It is great to have heat, but after this week of stress and running, I realized that this male-side of my 'almost never seen' family are not good communicators and their love language is service. My dad was saying that 'he is not one to sit and chat' which is true, but I realized that if it were not for this old house, it would probably be another half year before I heard from my dad or brother.
As I waved goodbye, and packed up their last tools, it was bittersweet. Yes, it was a finished repair, but may be a while until I see them again even though there were promises of coming back to finish one last thing....
so.......maybe I will have to start another 'reno' at Christmas so that Granpa & Uncle J can come back to Montreal. :)

Friday, October 15, 2010

Found a really cute wreath via another blog....Looks super easy, and would look great in my house!