Tuesday, July 5, 2011

56 hours in London.

As a side trip, Andy took a  break fro the project, jumped on the chunnel with me and went to London.  I have never been, but found a good excuse to visit friends who live there.
The first thing that struck me, (and really many places in Europe) was how rich it's Christian history is.
We hadn't meant to do much sight seeing, but every where we turned there was another monument to someone great, or a famous landmark.
Every place we have gone, Andy and I almost never do anything but walk around the city.  This is the best way to see real people, get oriented and of course, have adventures!
Our only 'goals' for this trip were to visit with friends, eat pub food, go to Camdentown market (a giant flea market), and walk until our feet hurt!
Westminster Abbey, Big Ben, The london Eye.  
Will & Kate, nowhere in sight.  
This moved my spirit when I saw a monument to William Tyndale.  If ever we can leave a mark such as this!  His last words brought tears to my eyes!
We did this giant ferris wheel called the 'London Eye'. which has a beautiful vantage point of London.  It was  highly recommended, so on the chunnel he bought 2 passages and declared,  'I just bought tickets, but I am still not sure what it is!'
Still not sure what I think about the Monarchy.  The celebrity of it all is romantic and keeps with culture, but it has such a high price tag for ceremony, tradition and such little usefulness in politics.
Yet another great monument, this one close to my heart for teaching children the Word of God.

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