Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The doors.

So right before we left Andyhad a huge job to finish. He had ben working at refinishing new doorsfor our entrancefor about two weeks. This job seemedeasy enough but actually took over two weeks tocomplete. He got the doors at a place called 'Urban Recovery' which sells old doors for cheap. He took these doors and re-veneered them, varnished them, and customized them, made the frame, and installed them.
The whole thing was an experiment to make the hallway brighter and more spacious and most obviously, to replace some really ugly doors.
It was a good time to start this project since Andy has had some time to work on this but would not be doable during the school year! Cost wise, it was far cheaper to do it ourselves and a much nicer end result than the prefab doors bought at home depot.
Love our new doors, great job, honey!

Monday, June 28, 2010

The play kitchen.

So this
is my obsession for the week. Play kitchens. I am in the US and LOVING the shopping.
I pop my little head in little shops and browse through cute things, expensive things, if I only had room in the car things..etc.
It was D's birthday last week and we postponed it until this week so that we could get ready and not have her third birthday in the car. Yes, we really did tell her that she couldn't turn 3 until we were ready.
I bought an adorable little set of plastic cookies, since she loves to play 'kitchen' and prepare us all imaginary treats.
In my searching, I also came across an adorable play kitchen via craigslist for a fraction of the cost with lots of accessories. I think she will love it, and assuming Livvie is not a huge tomboy, she will love it, too!
Here a few of the ones I have been looking at: 1.craigslist 2.retro pink target 3.retro pink target 4. ikea
Yay, to living vicariously through my daughters!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Found this magazing clipping when we were unpacking the other day. I laughed because my dear husband always laughs at my mantra, 'I could make that.' Well, I could and will.

Can't have it all.

Here I am in sunny florida, loving everything and had a perfect trip down. We got here despite a broken van, a break in to the van, a stolen purse, the door project which took far more tim ethan expected, buying a new van, 2 young kids and a baby!
The van is a dream a and made the trip so relaxing having to not worry about break downs or being packed to the brim. The apartment I have is so great as well. Air conditioned, clean, very large...I tried to push the limit!
This morning I tried to audit a class. Church history. I wanted to take this class last summer as well, but because of circumstances, it just didn't work. I thought it would work this time since it is during Livie's nap. She screamed during the introduction and I bolted. I don't want to be THAT lady. ;)
So realizing that this was not working as she screamed every time I got close to the classroom, I decided that these mornings should be spent in having my own class at home, reading, praying and building up my own relationship with the LORD. It is actually a blessing mixed with the disappointment. Thanks God, I needed that was my prayer today. i do have a great life, great kids, everything great, but even I know that you can't have it all. And thats ok..Thanks God for another great lesson.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Banner & Bunting

After my ‘practice' on learning to sew bunting for R’s wedding, I decided to use my scraps to make a banner & re-usable bunting for parties and birthdays which I am

always very unprepared for! This second time around, I knew what size to cut the pennants and even used easier material to cut. I learned last time that only cottons cut easily, and sheer fabric is nightmare. Now to think how to make re-usable party hats that has an elastic that doesn’t snap after using it for three seconds…