Saturday, July 9, 2011

P & P.

Since this has been my summer of reading (& listening) to books, I finally got together with 3 fantastic friends to watch the "true to the book" movie, Pride & Prejudice.  This was not some wimpy 90 minute version, but the full 5 1/2 hours of pure British Bliss.  
I have never read the book (insert shame), but still enjoyed every moment, especially with husband rolling his eyes, and children asking to watch cartoons instead.  
We did take some breaks to catch up, reflect on relationships, eat scones, and drink gigantic mugs of tea, it was a perfect day.  
Julia, Christina, Brianna, Me!  We took pictures with the elegant tea cups but ditched them for "Real" mugs in the end!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Quilting frenzy.

I want to sew!!
I hope this is not making me sounds materialistic or like I am boasting which often happens when theses things are shared.....but I've got that jittery excitement in the pit of my stomach....quilting fabric is coming soon!
I have wanted to make new quilts for the girls room for a while now, but every time I sit down my brain is overwhelmed by the beautiful choices, patterns, colour choices, modern, girly, etc.  I kept telling myself, "Don't everthink this..."Which resulted in no decisions being made.
So I had an idea.  While a friend, Em,  is in the States I am took advantage of the free shipping and sweet deals, and an "expert opinion".
I gave up my creative choices up to her, because she has a great eye for these things AND  can always find great deals.  (My "Maven" from Tipping Point.)
My only input in the end was that it has more pink and I outed two "filler" fabrics that were chosen, but really, I knew she would treat each decision as if she were making this herself, which is such an encouragement!

Also found a simple beige rug for 20$ to make the room look a little "cleaner" looking...and eventually will make window valence or wall decos from any leftover fabric.
I also want to find some great verses and quotes for the kids rooms (and myself) to inspire faith and love of Jesus!
All I have to do is wait for the mail....glad Canada post is off strike now!!!

Quilt inspiration.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

France, the city of food.

Eating in France is like sitting with Julia Child herself.  I can just hear her voice shouting, 'Bon Appetit!' with every bite.  Since starting up the food blog I have taken up the habit of taking pictures of wonderful things I have eaten, although I felt a little shy at restaurants or often have been so over eager to taste something that it is quickly gone before I can take a shot..still working on my self control.
Andy would often pause before eating something and say, 'Your NOT going to take of picture of this, are you?' Sadly, no, but I wish I did.  
Mont St-Michelle is the capital of 'Caramel Au Beurre Salé' .  Try the ice cream of this flavour...tastes like caramel corn in cold form.
This is one of my favourite restaurants in Paris, Chez Julien.  It was about 3 blocks from our apartment, in a really sketchy area. The decor is all in Art Nouveau.   Here we had a delicious Fig & caramelized onion spread with paté, steamed fish, and of course, Créme Brulée, despite the waiters recommendations for something more original.

Bakeries everywhere, I started every morning with a almond and chocolate croissant. 
 Créperies are also as common as Tim Hortons there.

 We also tried to eat anything that was local or fresh.  I can say I tried oysters and mussels in a white wine & cream sauce.  I think cooked Oysters would suit me better, but I ate every last one, even asking for a briefing on how to eat them from the owner of the restaurant.

56 hours in London.

As a side trip, Andy took a  break fro the project, jumped on the chunnel with me and went to London.  I have never been, but found a good excuse to visit friends who live there.
The first thing that struck me, (and really many places in Europe) was how rich it's Christian history is.
We hadn't meant to do much sight seeing, but every where we turned there was another monument to someone great, or a famous landmark.
Every place we have gone, Andy and I almost never do anything but walk around the city.  This is the best way to see real people, get oriented and of course, have adventures!
Our only 'goals' for this trip were to visit with friends, eat pub food, go to Camdentown market (a giant flea market), and walk until our feet hurt!
Westminster Abbey, Big Ben, The london Eye.  
Will & Kate, nowhere in sight.  
This moved my spirit when I saw a monument to William Tyndale.  If ever we can leave a mark such as this!  His last words brought tears to my eyes!
We did this giant ferris wheel called the 'London Eye'. which has a beautiful vantage point of London.  It was  highly recommended, so on the chunnel he bought 2 passages and declared,  'I just bought tickets, but I am still not sure what it is!'
Still not sure what I think about the Monarchy.  The celebrity of it all is romantic and keeps with culture, but it has such a high price tag for ceremony, tradition and such little usefulness in politics.
Yet another great monument, this one close to my heart for teaching children the Word of God.

Monday, July 4, 2011

The Princess Birthday Party.

It is the end of the school year and it was Dahlia's birthday.  It seems like something always seems to throw me off at this time of year to celebrate her special day.  Last year we were in the van, headed to Florida, which hardly seems like the place to go from 2 to 3 years old.  As Andy and I realized which day it was on that trip we kept it a secret since we both feel that it would be such a 'let down' to tell her and then insist that she stay seat-belted as we passed through Washington AND Virginia that day!

This year the 'throw off' was my trip to France.  (I know, poor me.) I ended up staying an extra week to stay with a student in the hospital, so between reverse jetlag, Matthew's last day of school, getting back into a routine, a party was the last thing on my list (along with blogging.)
The great friends on my street are the reason why I ended up getting my 'party-on' this year.  We were all going to have a group party for the 3 youngsters with their birthdays within weeks of each other and then we decided that extending the parties was a great way to 'pass' the summer.  But our theme was 'Keep it simple, cause the kids just want to run around eat cake, feel special and let's be honest, we don't want the pressure of 'Out-do-ing' the neighbours with elaborate festivities.
So this is what I came up with, since I already had the bunting made from last year, and Dahlia got a new princess dress for her birthday. :)

The girls all fit nicely at the small tables, told to dress 'Pretty' while the boys were told to dress ' Cool' according to Dahlia.
The boys, happy to stand back from the girly-ness of the party. Very happy with English muffin mini pizzas.
The cake, 3 layers of round cake with jelly-tots for decor.
Have I ever told you my rant about how much I hate cone hats with elastic that breaks instantly....These seemed to be a better alternative.
The next to impossible group shot.   
Clowning in the garden.
Until next year, happy birthday,  Dahli-bean!