Friday, April 23, 2010

Life in a new neighbourhood.

Today as i was cleaning i found Dahlia’s purse full of cars. This girly girl has been influenced by her brother.

This week has been the battle for cleanup. We hauled away all the renovation debris and power tools from the yard. Note: we are trying to be good neighbours and will try our best not to maim the neighbourhood kids that come wandering through our house! But in the chaos the kids have started entertaining themselvesby digging in the flower garden and side alley. They are constantly flithy, and the stuff they have touched hiding in that dirt would make any germaphobe cringe…oh will be kids.

Olivia is now laughing! Even as a third child, it tickles us to see her belly laughing! i was pushing Dahlia on the swing and every time she swung close to Olivia she laughed hysterically.

Our neighbour is 87 and tosses cois in the front yard everyday. The kids get super excited to check for ‘treasure’ every afternoon. He is so sweet and I am told that his wife is too. If me french were a little better I think I woudl have them over,but as it is I am having a hard time understanding when he mumbles, rants about something, or even uses vocab that I am unfamiliar with. Oh, the struggles of being an Anglophone in a quebecois neighbourhood.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

All moved in and living under boxes...this has been the fastest week that has ever passed.
The beauty of moving is that you see new developments every day and progress is everywhere..
Every box that is put away is like a giant pat on the back! M, D, & O are doing great as well! Olivia belly laughed when my mom was here the other day! Yeah O!
I actually LOVE doing the laundry with the new machine! (well see how long that lasts!)
Gotta post some new pictures, cause the camera is bacK! Yeah!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

soo i am looking for new ideas on how to decorate my new space..i love the idea to post signs and found this one through a friends blog. I also am making these adorable signs for each bedroom...

Update on the house:
Upside: leveling the floor is happening ! Andy wants to have all the plywood down so that he can put in the bamboo flooring tomorrow. I am taking a visit to Ottawa to visit friends. The kids will hang out while the moms can relax.

Downside: the water from the city drain came up and spewed all over the basement floor, even after having it fixed...My dad tried to stop it for an hour or so by putting his hand over the opening full force and still had a huge mess! The things our family will do for us!

Family: Olivia laughed today! SOOOO cute!