Friday, April 29, 2011

The Dinner of all Dinners.

Just a few memories of a fantastic and indulgent night of fine food and friends!
I realized later that to be the hostess of a special dinner is a great responsibility to have a great table setting.  Since I don't own candelabras or chandeliers, I thought of this idea to replicate the sparkle of those glamourous things with household things.  Lucky the recycling hadn't gone out yet!
When the lights were out my humble assembly of mason jars and random candle holders paid off.  Looking back, I probably could have ironed the table cloth, but at the time it didn't make a difference.

The first course baked in the oven while we waited for the last guest to arrive!  
Getting ready to share the kitchen with all the cooks.  
Waiting for everyone to arrive.
The first course finished, it was time to dive into the second course.  
Oh, the soup!  I realized that I didn't have enough bowls.  The mugs were a beautiful substitution.  Pine nuts and fresh cilantro made this soup fantastic.

Trying to get the almond whipped cream and raspberry coulis presentation "just right".
An extra appetizer.  Feta and walnut stuffed tomatoes.
Homemade lime sorbet between every course.  

A cheese platter being prepared by Amy.

In the end, we ate for 5 hours!  From start to finish, it was a delight! My only disappointment was not taking more pictures, especially missing a picture of my own dish or any pictures of myself!  We are planning on doing another in the near future, until then,  "Happy feasting!"

Thank you to Sharon, Amy, Rachel, Lisana, Amanda for making this night fantastic! 


  1. where are the recipes?!?!?!?

    the feta and walnut stuffed tomatoes looked amazing! were they baked as well? or quickly broiled? or fresh?

    what kind of soup was it? pinenuts look like a delicious garnish!

    and the sorbet, THE SORBET! I love sorbet... recipes or else!

  2. I'll get them from everybody! It's been so long since I have touched this blog! :)