Wednesday, November 23, 2011


So here we are: 20 weeks pregnant and feeling super great!
During month 2 and 3, I am always miserable with nausea, although comparatively
not affected by all that!  But as soon as 16 weeks happens, I am a happy lady again!
thee second trimester is sooo much better, because

1.  No more awkward,  "By the way..I'm pregnant." Convos
2.  More energy and no nausea for me!
3. Showing a little more, more obvious bump!
4. Get to find out the gender of the baby!
5.  Get to reach that wonderful half way mark!
6. Can feel baby move rather than probable gas bubbles.

People ask me, "Is it any different this time around?"
I would say generally, my pregnancy has been the same, but this time around has definitely been different.

1.  Surprise baby:
Made knowing I was pregnant more of an adjustment, I had to take a day or two to process having #4, rather than wait until "the day" when I could take a pregnancy test like the others.
This time around I actually took a test to confirm that I was NOT pregnant. 

2.  Reactions:
 I have learned that not everyone thinks people should have 4 kids.  My mom definitely freaked out which tainted the whole experience and for me.  
Also, although most people are excited, telling people that have 4 kids have a whole different reaction. They have been there and know how tiring any combination of kids and baby is.   
Shock is always expected at this miraculous event, but some just look at me like, "Better you than me."

With all the excitement of life here in this little zoo called our home, everyday passes in a blur.  I worry sometimes that I haven't been eating right, sleeping enough, lifting too many things, not paying attention to movement or lack thereof.  
When the doctor couldn't find the heartbeat and thought I was "small" for 13 weeks I had to go for an emergency ultrasound.  After a sleepless night, the ultrasound revealed a healthy baby.  But worry stayed for some reason.  Thankfully, the 20 week ultrasound assured me everything is fine and on track.

4. A boy:  
Matty did a happy dance to have "equal teams" in our home again, logistics of where to put this sweet guy, clothes, names, birth order all come into our thoughts.  Those 2 pink cloth diapers may have to be traded for some more masculine colours, but then I think, "Why? they just poop in them?"

I'm sure there is more...but that is an update in a nutshell!

Despite everything, we are super excited for baby boy #4 and looking forward to that day in April when he arrives!


  1. As someone with 3 siblings, I think 4 kids is great. Chaos, yes, but now that my siblings are all adults and we're friends for real, I wouldn't trade it for the WoRLD.

    So excited for you and Matty and everyone. Especially Baby Spatule...


  2. Thankful for another Smits kid, and especially a boy for M!
    Matty can join the girls, he loves sleeping in there anyway :) kids ate so adaptable, they'll just roll with it!
    And Oli is pumped too... A boy classmate for him. Now, move up to the plateau and join us ;)

  3. Loni I am SO excited for you guys! I adore your kiddos and am STOKED for you to have another :D Can't wait to meet this little guy when he arrives!