Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Meal planning.

Meal planning:

One of my resolutions, maybe last year's, is to plan my meals out a little better.  I am definitely a sale shopper and I love to "stock up" on certain things so that I am always prepared, but would like to take that one step further.  I often anxiously await the sale flyers( online and paper) to see what is the best price and then let my mind wander with what I can make with them when I get home.  I let very few things go to waste, but if I play my cards right, I think I can eat like a Queen and have the peace of mind, too.

This weeks meal plan looks like this:
Lunches: Make some split peas soup, bagels,

Monday: Mexican tortilla bake, (freezable)
Tuesday:  Cranberry chicken with mashed potatoes, peas.
Wednesday: leftover Cranberry chicken. (prep some no-knead bread for tomorrow)
Thursday: Beef Bourgignon & bread (from the freezer) Friend is visiting and then off that evening.
Friday: DINNER EXCHANGE TODAY!  Mu Shu Pork and mandarin pancakes. (New recipe)
Saturday: Make Mango curry chicken for a potluck that night, frozen pizza for everyone else.
Sunday: Salmon patties & garlic mayonnaise, use bread dough for buns, salad.

That's one week, I am inspired to plan a few more!

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